What happens when two foodies/engineers travel together? GoWeeWee happens.
One of the golden rules of foodies is, what you eat must come out, and it is painful when no restrooms are around, even worse, when one is found, it is often dirty. Therefore, we set our mission to forever change the question of 'where are the restrooms', to 'where are the clean restrooms', anywhere you go.

Thomas "Swift" Li

Senior iOS Developer

A coder from birth. Tom is passionate about creating intuitive technology. Problem-driven at heart, he strives to create a better world by leveraging the latest technology. Tom works on our iOS team.

Favorite destination: New Orleans, LA
Favorite food: Seafood Gumbo from Mother's Restaurant

Mike “M&M” Murphy

Senior DevOps

Mike is responsible in server side development and performance. He enjoys playing and developing online games, maybe will integrate his games with WeeWeeFree someday, WeeWee games? Anyone?

Favorite destination: New York, NY
Favorite food: Sammy's Halal, New York