Make your restroom work for you

We know you’re already popular but you always want to drive more traffic. Have you thought about leveraging your restroom? People are always looking for a place to go and that can be your business.

Restroom hour is not Business hour

  • Have full control over the hours your restrooms are visible. This can be especially helpful during peak times. We also ask users to be polite and give you the heads-up.
  • You choose when to be seen. Real-time search technology allows your restroom only to be seen during your permitted hours.

Create promotions and discounts

  • Offer coupons or discounts on your istings to promote.
  • Generate more foot traffic and create brand awareness.

Manage restroom with ease

  • Easy on-&-off switch. Your restroom can be temporary turned off from WeeWeeFree App and turn it back on at your convenience anytime, anywhere.
  • Flexible hour control. Change your restroom hours anytime with ease and updates instantly.

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